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27 Years’ Experience

We’ve been triumphing all these 27 years. Starting as Label Printers and then branching out into a new venture called RFIDEA.

How can we help your business?
A commitment to provide excellent service and quality products has been the corner stone of RFIDEA. Born out of the need to supply quality RFID solutions to the African market, we invested heavily in gettingthe corrwet experts on our team provide the best possible solutions.
What are the advantages of RFIDEA?
We only use the best quility RFID products on the market to ensure reliability to our clients. We have the only RFID Inlay machine in Africa allowing us to create an dinly antennas at a much lower cost.
What is RFID?
RFID is new innovative solution to easily track and manage your stock, find stock, solve traceability issues and more. RFID tags will replace the common barcode in te near future. Read more on our case studies page to see what solution RFID can offer you.

Some of our services

Some of our most used services


RFID Antennas & Labels

We can supply you the latest RFID antennas & labels in custom sizes to suit your needs.

NFC Tags and Hard Tags

NFC Tags are perfect for marketing or rugged uses. Our Hard Tags can withstand the test of time. Talk to us about suitable options.

Integration Software

Our software partners can assist you with professional integration software to ensure your RFID system talk to your current systems.

Bright future that we cherish. We thrive for success.