Brand Identity & Protection For Fine Wine Using RFID

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Brand Identity & Protection For Fine Wine Using RFID

Exquisite items that excel in their own domain often face intense demands across the globe. Building such quality products is the key to create a brand identity that sells itself. However, there stand new challenges to protect the brand once a brand receives such recognition. Issues such as duplication or counterfeit are consistent and therefore require some reliable resolution. These issues are common in most industries. Potent technological solutions can be the only answer to these complex situations. Unique proximity communication technologies like RFID can be the key to protect the brands while creating more value for the customer and therefore driving success for the business.


Counterfeit is induced in weak links within the supply chain. It is crucial for brands to ensure that their brand offers innovative packaging, which would allow buyers to authenticate the product. Duclot Export from Bordeaux, France, is a 125 years old wine-shipping company that works to deliver invaluable vintage wines. The best wine brands trust Duclot Export with the responsibility to deliver their product to customers across the globe.

Counterfeiting harms brands even after building a complete quality product. There are various traditional ways to avoid counterfeiting that are no longer efficient. Therefore, it is essential for Duclot Export to protect such elegant wine. The exporter came up with a solution using handcrafted cases of wood to contain the wine. These boxes further include an RFID tag as a unique serial identifier. RFID tags make it easier to authenticate and trace the cases throughout the supply chain. It protects the brand identity and also creates a level of comfort and trust for the end customer.


While brand protection is essential, it is not the only parameter to attract customers. Offering value to customers in terms of better experience and interaction is essential. RFID can further be used to create significance to customers beyond the product authenticity. Tapping on a bottle can further enhance the customer experience with several features. Here are the three major add-on features of adding an RFID:

  • The authenticity of originality:

Tapping on the bottle of wine can provide complete verification if the bottle is from the original brand only. Unique identifier annihilates any scope for counterfeit products.

  • Additional information about the wine:

Customers can access the wine’s associated additional details such as time and place to make art to improve customer interaction and experience further.

  • Serving tips to enjoy the wine:

Brands can share how to enjoy their creating to their optimum level. Tapping on the bottle will provide customers with more details on the perfect time, temperature, and accompanying items for serving.


RFID is unique, and it can not be tampered with or copied easily as such can eliminate counterfeiting. Moreover, there are various other advantages of this low-cost technology that can set a wine brand apart from any regular wine provider. Therefore, RFID as a single tool can result in higher customer satisfaction, brand value, revenue, and security.