Avery Dennison TT Sensor Plus™ NFC Tag

The Avery Dennison TT Sensor Plus NFC Tag incorporates sensor functionality and temperature data logging capabilities in a low-cost, reusable tag solution. When affixed to a product or container (either directly for one-time use, or in a pouch so it can be reused), the thin, flexible tag can be programmed to record the temperature history of goods at user defined intervals during shipment. Once a shipment reaches its destination, the tag’s temperature data can be downloaded and reviewed from an Android™ smartphone or tablet with the easy-to-use TT Sensor Plus mobile app.

The Avery Dennison TT Sensor Plus NFC Tag is a low-cost, reusable tag solution (when used with a pouch) that tracks the temperatures an item is exposed to throughout its supply chain journey.

Ideal temperature monitoring applications include:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Food, wine, or spirits
  • Floral products


  • Small credit-card sized tag.
  • Lower shrinkages and greater sustainability.
  • Low cost and accurate time-temperature data logger.
  • Each TT Sensor Plus also contains a unique identifier (UID).
  • Components: embedded temperature sensor, high-frequency antenna, real-time clock, temperature alarm, and data storage.
  • Powered with a thin, flexible, disposable battery technology, which is RoHS certified, REACH compliant, and EU Battery Directive compliant.
  • Common applications: pharmaceutical and medical, food and beverage, chemicals and polymers, and other temperature-sensitive goods.

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